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Our mission is to innovate the transfer of competences. Our strength is making education digital.

Why choose Learning Solution

We help organisations grow, guiding them, with our expertise and professionalism, throughout the delicate phases of digital transformation in the field of online education. We offer tailor-made solutions, accompanying our clients each step of their digital journey.

The benefits of eLearning


Combining up to date eLearning tools and our extensive experience, we help companies by actively supporting them in the supply of consistent, flexible and accessible training.


Thanks to our partnership with Open LMS, we provide safe and reliable Moodle solutions in SaaS mode. We will take care of all technical matters, so that you are free to focus on making the most of your eLearning platform.


We enabled many technical high schools to complete their courses providing them with a fully functional digital learning environment, training their teachers in the effective usage of eLearning platforms.

Vocational Training Agencies

We guide Training Agencies in the selection of the most efficient eLearning tools so that they are ready to seize any funding opportunity.


We empower schools to move from a critical situation, which forced them to adopt improvised tools, to a structured digital environment that fits the needs of distance learning.

open lms

A platform
for every need

learning solution suite


Learning Solution Suite lets you create, in just a few clicks, a Moodle platform complete with our course catalog and ready for the online training of your clients.

open lms


With its elegant, user-friendly interface, Open LMS is the best existing solution to use Moodle in SaaS mode, so you don't have to mind technical matters.

blackboard collaborate


One of the leading brands in the eLearning field. Their platform Collaborate is the ideal choice for real-time distance learning for Corporate Academies, High Schools and Training Agencies.



A solution supplying a variety of analytics-generated reports, providing data on the behaviour of users and opportunities to adjust teaching methods and reduce student dropout rates.

Successful Partnerships

We guarantee top-class solutions thanks to international partners such as Open LMS, Intelliboard and Blackboard.

Cutting edge
teaching formats

Our team of eLearning-specialists designs and implements training courses in all kinds of teaching formats. Thanks to our digital platforms, we bring together the right formats and the best methodologies to fit each and any learning context.

Video Clip

video clip

Script-to-screen video production including concept development (graphic layout, storyboarding), shooting (with one or more cameras) and post-production with lettering and graphic inserts.



Our coursewares feature animated slides with illustrations, infographics, audio material and recordings of professional speakers.



Full production of e-movies with professional actors or 3D reproductions of our client’s working environment.



The training process of Gamification features game-like structures with missions to accomplish, time- and progress-tracking, scores and rankings.



Roleplay makes eLearning courses more captivating by engaging users simulations to test and develop their problem solving skills.

360 degree videos

video 360 vr

360 degree learning experiences with videos featuring a variety of environments, professional actors, background sounds, music and graphic elements.

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