10 good reasons to choose Open LMS

25 September 2020
open lms

Open LMS is one the most comprehensive online learning platform available on the market. Based entirely on Moodle, it allows you to create flexible, complete training content accessible from any device. We at Learning Solution are proud of our partnership with this great international eLearning company and we are glad to introduce our clients to all the advantages the adoption of this platform will bring to their training courses. In the following article you will find 10 good reasons why this platform is the best choice for your eLearning courses.

1. Open LMS is based on Moodle

As mentioned, Open LMS makes good use of the extraordinary flexibility of Moodle’s open source system, providing the most widespread SaaS (Software as a Service) platform in the world. Clients do not have to worry about the IT infrastructure, thus reducing costs for hardware purchase. In a nutshell: top level service and high quality training activities at a lower cost.

2. Open LMS = Maximum reliability

With a Service Level Agreement (SLA) of 99.9%, Open LMS has been the ideal partner for online training projects of small and large companies since 2008. With Open LMS you go without fail.

3. Top quality

Quality is a fundamental feature, required by all customers. For this reason, every single plugin supported in Open LMS is first checked and tested with the utmost care. This takes out all risks and downtimes often experienced by clients who use Moodle installed on their premises.

4. Quicker platform administration

One of the main edges of Open LMS is its dynamic and advanced user interface, as well as its intuitive administrative tools which require minimum level of technical preparation. The configuration and management of the courses is therefore simple and does not require too much time.

5. Open LMS = Flexibility

What kind of flexibility? The kind that makes it extremely easy for teachers to create their own training content to meet their own needs and those of learners. All functions of the platform allow, in fact, an immediate customization of content and style of the courses.

6. Constant innovation

Innovation continues at Open LMS! The platform has been developing since 2002 and benefits from continuous improvements thanks to a close collaborative bond between its community of users, Moodle’s HQ and its internal ability to contribute to ongoing innovation. Such innovation makes Open LMS a platform in tune with the times.

7. Integration of virtual classrooms

The need to provide training courses through the use of synchronous virtual classrooms is perfectly met by the platform. The integration with different systems such as Cisco Webex and Zoom, allows teachers, trainers and users to easily access the activities in the virtual classrooms and to track and report effectively all training activities.

8. Integration with Blackboard Collaborate and Intelliboard

Blackboard Collaborate, with its elegant and intuitive design, facilitates online lessons and allows for brilliant user experience. The integration with Intelliboard provides advanced reports and predictive analysis on student behavior, useful for preventing drop out.

9. Effective Blended Learning

Blended learning certainly offers flexibility to teachers in the way they can present learning material, and to students in the variety of possible learning approaches. With Open LMS and its many mentioned tools, it is possible to design blended learning aimed to effective results of training activities and processes.

10. Open LMS is part of the LTG group

Being part of a solid international group of the sector is always synonymous with history and quality. That is the case with Open LMS, which is part of the Learning Technologies Group (LTG): a company engaged worldwide in the eLearning field with groundbreaking solutions capable of making all educational institutions grow.

Discover Open LMS with Learning Solution

Upgrade to Open LMS with the support of Learning Solution and start planning blended activities by integrating formats and tools. With Open LMS you can put to good use all videos recorded during lockdown to create a repertoire of content for asynchronous training to complement traditional activities, for all-round and up-to-date training. Turn now your traditional learning environment into the most extraordinary online teaching and learning experience on the market! To find out more about the plan, visit this page or write to info@learningsolution.it.

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