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We’re proud of the growing number of clients happy with our distance learning support.


Online training with Learning Solution represented an effective solution to transfer knowledge to our clients

Paolo Risso
Managing partner


“Thanks to Open LMS and Blackboard we’re online and our students responded with an attendance rate ov over 95%”

Giulio Genti
ITS tecnologie


“Corporate training thrived on the flexibility allowed by the integration of the classroom with digital didactic tools”

Giampiero Monetti

Over 10 years of satisfied customers

We have been successfully guiding companies throughout the challenging journey of digital transformation for over 10 years

The GDPR Awareness course becomes part of our catalogue thanks to our partnership with Pat-Tec Spa

“The partnership with Par-Tec, a society supplying highly qualified services for cybersecurity, allowed us to work with the best consultants and content on the European Regulation 679/2016. Joining their sector expertise with the capacity for planning and the methodologies of Learning Solution, we enriched out catalogue with a GDPR awareness course. An educational program aimed at the achievement of exhaustive knowledge on personal data processing on behalf of employees and associates. An example of how, through a partnership between two companies from different fields, but with complementary competence branches, it was possible to create a high quality educational product, interactive and allowing full understanding of European Regulation in a 2 hours.”


InformAzione launches their digital Academy

Together with InformAzione, which for over twenty years has been empowering companies and people with innovative paths of improvement, we discovered the importance of an online Personal Energy course and we guided them in the launch of a digital version of their Academy. InformAzione’s digital Academy was designed to meet many modern demands. In fact, it allows to reach a great number of users across geographical distances, letting them freely define their preferred learning pace. The digital Academy is an innovative tool, part of the digital transformation that any company can go through by “learning to learn” in new ways. Learning Solution provided InformAzione with the digital tools and the methodologies to design learning programs for the Academy through micro-lessons, collaborative exercises and gamification, all with high engagement of participants and a low impact on regular working activities. The online Personal Energy course stands as an opportunity for all those companies willing to create a positive working environment, thus boosting productivity. According with the findings of the research by Eugenio Proto from Warwick University, as published on the Journal of Labor Economics, the success of a company depends on the wellbeing of its personnel: when employees are happy and fulfilled, productivity raises of 12%. “Happy people make happy business”.

Editrice La Scuola and Learning Solution: a partnership born in 2012

“La Scuola Academy, the training agency of Editrice La Scuola, is always on the lookout for the most advanced eLearning and especially mobile learning solutions. Through the Moodle platform, as customized and implemented by us, they offer online courses with tutoring for teachers looking for training experiences featuring maximum flexibility. In addition to content studying, there’s the chance for sharing the program with other participants in virtual classrooms, forums, chats and by engaging in common projects, all under the constant supervision of tutors, experts of eLearning as well as of the themes covered by courses. Learning Solution provides IT support fo Editrice La Scuola since 2012, not only by implementing their Moodle Platform, but also through the development of a synchronised App that allows teachers and educators to download and attend courses offline. In 2019, Moodle platform and App were fully updated to offer teachers and learners the best possible distance learning experience from any device. “Learning Solution has always been a reliable partner, with whom is a pleasure to grow and experiment” says Saverio Todaro, Manager Digital Services for Editrice La Scuola. “

Editrice La Scuola
editrice la scuola

Tailor made training programs for Lyreco employees

Lyreco requested their Digital Learning Team to enrich their recently acquired platform with learning content designed for their personnel. Wishing to step up their expertise and corporate training strategies, Ambra Avosani, Lyreco’s Digital Learning & HR Communication Assistant, asked Learning Solution for consulting and training on content design and educational methodologies. Though this training program the Team became acquainted with a variety of new eLearning formats and methodologies, from multimedia material for exposition to engaging experiential content, microlearning and gamification. Together, we went through all phases of storyboard creation. “We wanted to become autonomous in the production of training courses that would suit our company. We were not looking for technical training focused on tools, we cared about the strategy behind content creation. With Learning Solution, we built a learning path that made this goal achievable.“ said Ambra. Lyreco started designing their own digital training programs and we keep assisting them with our expertise.”