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We offer a rich, diverse range of courses that can be customized to suit your educational goals.

Our catalog's subject areas

Our mission is to guide companies, with our expertise, towards positive change and growth by providing them with effective, “tangible” training, capable of truly enhancing the competences of personnel to reach goals. Our pragmatic approach, the deep sector experience of our team and our didactic methodologies are carefully aimed at the achievement of expected goals. We design and deliver tailor-made courses to meet any special requirement of clients. The whole of our catalog offer is customizable to fit any company’s needs, wether in terms of training goals, duration or content structure.”

Our methodologies:

Coursewares are a kind of online courses based on the integration of didactically structured material and interactive multimedia elements.

The structure of a courseware is well defined and each of its “lessons””features:

  • Anticipatory elements (clearly stated learning goals, content summary);
  • micro-lessons’ body of content;
  • attention-verifications and reinforcement of learning;
  • learning assessment.

Our courses can be modeled to better suit subjects and goals of learning by the right combination of elements and formats such as Multimedia Lesson, Web Fiction, Video Based, Mind Map, Job Aid and Job Game.


Our methodologies:

Our courses issued in the video format are structured into guided learning paths for autonomous training and feature videos shot in studio with experienced lecturers. Online lessons are integrated with lettering, infographics and material for further insight such as documents and articles.

Videolectures feature attention-verifications, midway and final learning assessments.

Final assessments can be managed within the course or on the learning platform. They are usually randomized, making it possible to present the user with different questions for each attempt.

Our metodologies:

The ABA English learning program is based on the natural process of intuitive language acquisition, as observed in children: at first comes comprehension and speaking attempts, later on grammar and writing.

ABA Films are short movies with real life situations, produced exclusively for ABA English and serve as the starting point for each course chapter. There 144 films let students focus on content rather than on form, tapping into the viewer’s natural instinct for intuitive language learning. All exercises, including written ones, feature audio recordings and are designed so that users can develop the four key competences of language: speaking, listening, reading and writing. The system of ABA English is structured in six levels: Beginners (A1), Lower-Intermediate (A2), Intermediate (B1), Upper-Intermediate (B2), Advanced (B2-C1) and Business (C1). 

aba english

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