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Real time tracking and analysis of your data with Intelliboard, partner Moodle Premium Integrator. Intelliboard is intuitive, beautifully designed and its customer-support is outstanding.


All of your LMS data: simple, shareable, readable and captivating.

Through our partnership with Intelliboard we offer our clients innovative solutions both for high level management of Moodle data and for selling their own online courses.


The true value of data analysis resides in its power to let you take the right decisions.

Being aware of what happens in your LMS helps you taking the right steps towards your goals, work faster and more efficiently. Lowering performances? Make a change. Better results? Keep it up!

intellicart report

Customizable dashboard

dashboard intelliboard

Unleash the power of your data through Intelliboard’s interface. Swiftly visualize the most significant focus areas for your company: completion rates, traffic, logs and more.

  • Full integration with Moodle, Open LMS and Blackboard
  • Collaborate Control panel for students and trainers
  • Automatic notifications
  • Customers support on all levels
  • Real time customization of reports
  • FERPA conformity

Track and boost users' engagement

user engagement

Successful online learning demands commitment on behalf of students. Intelliboard provides multiple reports, analysis and notifications that keep your students on the right path; such collected data can also povide isight to improve your didactic methods.

  • User engagement level
  • Course material usage
  • Course logs
  • Progress history

Tackle dropout risk

studenti a rischio

Student fidelization is a main goal for all kind of training agencies. We collect data from different view points to provide clear insight on students at risk.

  • Success and progress tracking
  • Status summary
  • Expired accounts
  • Expired licenses User in relation to average
  • Detailed summary of activities


data report

More detailed reports to promptly view your sales data.



Designed as a local plugin for Moodle to keep all your data in one place.



Can be integrated with CRM systems for payment.


The complete eCommerce and reporting solution for Moodle

A powerful solution complete with a dashboard and reporting tools to manage clients, sales, courses, coupons, everything within a single solution. IntelliCart is a fully functional e-commerce app built as a local plugin for Moodle; Intellicart also cares for the automatic registration of users as they make a purchase.

Raccomandare il giusto percorso di apprendimento

Aiuta i tuoi studenti a decidere quale sarà il loro prossimo passo in base ai progressi attuali. Con Raccomandare puoi guidarli attraverso il percorso di apprendimento con facilità.


Su misura per ogni studente

raccomandazioni su misura

È possibile personalizzare le raccomandazioni per adattarle al proprio percorso di apprendimento di ogni studente gestendo i filtri per ciascun tipo di raccomandazione.

Esperienza in tempo reale

real time

Istruttori e studenti possono controllare gli indicatori chiave di prestazione quasi in tempo reale utilizzando i nostri dashboard e report intuitivi.

Plug & Play

plug play

Raccomandare viene fornito con la configurazione preimpostata e si adatta alla struttura di Moodle esistente.

Assistente intelligente dello studente

assistente intelliboard

Raccomandare aiuta ad analizzare il successo e migliora le prestazioni di ogni singolo studente in tempo reale.

Decisioni basate sui dati


Raccomandare aiuta ad applicare le intuizioni dai dati al tuo processo decisionale per trasformare il tuo apprendimento in meglio.

Ricerca e miglioramenti


Gli algoritmi vengono continuamente migliorati e gestiti dal nostro strumento AI.

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