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Learning Solution provides platforms and services for ITS, a kind of Italian tertiary educational institution, modelled on the GermanFachhochschule system. Course areas include business support services, agricultural and food industries, construction, mechanical engineering, and fashion. As the recent, difficult events have unfolded, digital solutions allowed many ITS to carry out their programs to completion with innovative approaches, flexibility and long distance interactions.


“Thanks to Open LMS and Blackboard we’re online and our students responded with an attendance rate ov over 95%”

Giulio Genti
ITS tecnologie


“Thanks to the implementation of Open LMS and Blackboard Collaborate we could experiment with innovative, fully integrated modes of teaching.”

Giampiero Monetti
ITS energia

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Open LMS and virtual classrooms platforms

Open LMS is a Moodle-based online learning platform that simplifies the management and the delivery of distance learning, allowing the creation of engaging activities available for students anywhere, anytime. Planning as well as attending courses online is easier with Open LMS, making the accomplishment of learning goals less demanding in terms of time and energy. Open LMS is part of Learning Technologies Group (LTG), a company working globally in the eLearning sector with groundbreaking digital solutions designed for growth and development. The integration of Open LMS and Blackboard Collaborate is the perfect solution to introduce your school to an all-round system for planning and delivering “blended” courses (both in classroom and online). Open LMS can also be matched with other virtual classroom solutions, such as Zoom or Cisco Webex, if you wish to keep on using the instruments your teachers already know while integrating it with a LMS platform to manage students and track all activities for reporting and accountability.

open lms

Ensured reliability

riduzione costi

Cost reduction


Quick management operations


Key feature: flexibility

aula virtuale

Integrated virtual classrooms

innovazione digitale

Continuous innovation of platforms

We assist schools in the creation of courses

If you wish to create asynchronous training courses to use more than once in your training plans, our experts will assist your teachers in the development process, choosing and implementing the best formats for you educational goals.

Video Clip

video clip

Script-to-screen video production including concept development (graphic layout, storyboarding), shooting (with one or more cameras) and post-production with lettering and graphic inserts.

360 degrees video

video 360 vr

360 degrees learning experiences with videos featuring a variety of environments, professional actors, background sounds, music and graphic elements.



Our coursewares feature animated slides with illustrations, infographics, audio material and recordings of professional speakers.



The training process of Gamification features game-like structures with missions to accomplish, time- and progress-tracking, scores and rankings.

Consolidate your lessons with our course catalog

Our course catalog proved itself extremely useful when incorporated in learning paths to allow your students or the companies you serve to acquire general notions asynchronously, meaning outside of the virtual classroom.

We support you throughout the usage of platforms and train your teachers

Learning Solution has the required expertise and the support from Open LMS to train school staff to the best use of synchronous and asynchronous platforms, as well as to train teachers to plan and deliver successful online courses. In addition, we can support you in designing and implementing any graphic or functional customization you wish to see on your platform, to make it a digital learning environment that truly meets your needs.

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