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Open LMS is an online digital learning platform that simplifies the management of courses and the delivery of learning content, enabling you to create engaging activities available for your students anytime, anywhere.

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Over 1400 clients and 4 milions users benefit from Open LMS and its innovative solutions

Open LMS stands as the best existing solution for those who need to deliver courses through virtual classrooms. The full integration with Blackboard Collaborate as well as with other systems such as Microsoft Teams, Cisco Webex or Zoom (just to name a few) allows for user-fiendly course designing, activity tracking and an improved, efficient process for virtual classrooms access. A further integration with Intelliboard provides advanced reports with predictive analysis on the beavior of users, useful to reduce drop-out rates.

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Ensuring success for you and your students with Open LMS

Used wisely, Open LMS is a solid open source base to design a blended approach to learning (i.e. partly online and partly in class) to make the most of activities and reach learning goals.

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We take care of the IT infrastructure

infrastruttura digitale

Open LMS gives you access to the world’s greatest Moodle SaaS platform, no the need for expensive hardware or to devolve precious resources to ensure the delivery of high level services.

Maximum reliability


Offering a SaaS formula with a 99% SLA rate since 2008, Open LMS is the ideal partner for big and small online educational project.

Quality is key

qualità formazione

We test and check throughly every single plugin supported in Open LMS, avoiding risks of disservices often experienced by clients using Moodle on their own IT systems.

We foster cost reduction

riduzione costi

Open LMS created the world’s greatest Moodle Cloud, taking out the need for heavy investments for complex IT equipment.

Quicker platform managment

riduzione tempi

With a dynamic, advanced user interface and managing tools requiring minimum competence, the configuration and management of courses has never been easier.

Flexibility is fundamental


Open LMS grants teachers maximum flexibility in the creation of eLearning based didactic programs, through a great number of functionalities to customize content and courses.

Ongoing innovation

innovazione digitale

Moodle has been developing since 2002, standing today as one of the more powerful and fully functional LMS. Open LMS relies on three sources of continuous innovation: its community of users, the constant improvements by Moodle HQ and since Moodle is open source, everyone’s capability to contribute to its development.

Sustainable investments

investimento sostenibile

The real value of Open LMS is that which its users perceive. Our clients must know and feel they invested in a digital learning platform that will ensure the success of their activity, not just in a pricy licence.

Integrated virtual classrooms

aula virtuale

Open LMS is the best possible solution for those ho need to deliver online synchronous lessons, i.e. in a virtual classroom. The full integration with Blackboard Collaborate as well as with other systems enables you to organize courses while keeping track of all activities and granting efficient integrated access for teachers and learners.

Open LMS is part of the LTG Group

learning technologies group

Open LMS is part of Learning Technologies Group (LTG), a company working globally in the eLearning sector with groundbreaking digital solutions designed for growth and development.

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