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Schools all over the globe had to face difficult and at times dramatic situations which required high organisational and technical efforts to ensure the consistency of educational activities. Such endeavor was mainly relying on the creativity and responsibility of each member of the school staff. Whatever the future holds for us, it seems crucial for schools to be prepared, adopting the best suitable tools and acquiring the needed competences to incorporate e Learning in their programs.

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Open LMS and virtual classrooms platforms

Open LMS is a Moodle-based e Learning platform that simplifies the management and the delivery of distance learning, allowing the creation of engaging activities available for students anywhere, anytime. Planning as well as attending courses online is easier with Open LMS, making the accomplishment of learning goals less demanding in terms of time and energy. Open LMS is part of Learning Technologies Group (LTG), a company working globally in the eLearning sector with groundbreaking digital solutions designed for growth and development. The integration of Open LMS and Blackboard Collaborate is the perfect solution to introduce your school to an all-round system for planning and delivering “blended” courses (both in classroom and online). Open LMS can also be matched with other virtual classroom solutions, such as Zoom or Cisco Web Ex, if you wish to keep on using the instruments your teachers already know while integrating it with a LMS platform to manage students and track all activities for reporting and accountability.

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Ensured reliability

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Cost reduction


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Integrated virtual classrooms

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Continuous innovation of platforms

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