What is eLearning?

eLearning, or online learning, stands for the use of digital technologies and internet to create teaching strategies to promote learning through innovative formats and didactic tools.

Why eLearning?

Because thanks to the flexibility granted by digital educational tools, is now possible to reach all students anytime, anywhere and through all kind of devices. eLearning simplifies education and allows for the creation of dynamic and always up-to-date digital training paths.

eLearning is characterized by constant updating and specialization of content. An eLearning course will never contain outdated, vague or superficial information that would undermine its effectiveness, not as long as you are truly making use of the potential of digital tools.

“Other fundamental features of the service and of the digital training are its flexibility and chances of customization, with a personalized approach focused on individual needs. Each user should be empowered to choose those activities that are most useful to their goals, in the frame of learning opportunities relevant to their background, their job and career prospects.”

There are some different elements of which eLearning is composed: the content, which may be delivered in different formats; the platform, which participants access to view content; the didactic planning, to offer each user a custom learning experience; the internal coordination, that encourages the usage of the platform and facilitates the sharing of goals and achievements.

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What is an LMS?

“An LMS is a platform for digital training. Its main functionalities may be explained through the acronym: L – Learning, that is the content for online courses. M – Management, to organize courses and participants, maximizing the effectiveness of training. S – System, the IT System that automatizes educational assessments, compilation of statistics and generation of reports.”

Using a suitable, up-to-date LMS means delivering effective, flexible digital training through a tool that lets you organize content and keep track of each student’s activities in the best way.

Choosing the LMS that better suits your goals is the first step in the development of a winning eLearning strategy. The advice and guidance from sector experts is key to the identification of the best digital learning solution.

What does Open Source mean?

An Open Source software id software with a source code that anyone can inspect, edit and improve without any transferability problem.

In one word: customizability. With an Open Source software, such as Moodle, you may request eLearning professionals to tailor the platform according to our preferences. In addition, you are free to move you LMS data on any other platform, no strings attached.

Moodle is the most popular Learning Management System in the world with over 100 million users. The platform has been growing since 2002, helping companies and educational institutions all over the globe to improve their activities through digital training.

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What are the benefits for schools?

Information technology impacted almost every aspect of our life, including education. Asynchronous or synchronous: eLearning provides student an easy access to education wherever they might be. Moreover, it is a chance to offer personalized learning paths, tailored on the needs of each student.

Synchronous learning consists of “live” interaction between teachers and students attending online classes. Lessons dates, assignments and deadlines are arranged along the way. There are two main modes for this type of online course: the webinar and the virtual classroom.

Asynchronous learning implies full autonomy for students, who can access online courses from anywhere and through whichever device they prefer, as course materials are always available on the platform.

With eLearning is possible to keep track of the activities students and make sure they are making progress. Thanks o the insight provided by digital tools, teachers have the chance to offer each of their students a method that better suits their personality, thus facilitating the acquisition of knowledge and skills, for ever improving performances.

“The value of lessons conducted in presence, through the natural interaction between teacher and learners, is not to be questioned, and so is the duty of educational institutions to improve the effectiveness of their didactic programs in every possible way, thus taking the opportunities posed by today’s digital technologies. A conscious use of such modern tools may grant access to a tremendous amount of updated knowledge and to broader interactions that go beyond the classroom’s walls and one’s personal limits. Not to mention, the unprecedented situation posed by the world-wide events of 2020 emphasized how being prepared to ensure the consistency of education is now a must for any school establishment.”

What are the benefits for companies?

eLearning deals with all aspects of business relevant to cost reduction, improved access to information and increase of personnel expertise.

Having the opportunity to create online courses in a wide range of formats, from courseware to gamification, it is possible to improve the fruition of corporate training by enhancing interactivity, thus making learning more appealing.

Cost reduction requires increased efficiency, this implies renewal of procedures and systems. To face such continuous changes, employees should always make the most of their corporate training. eLearning may play a key role in keeping personnel on point, as it allows for consistent, swift and flexible updating.

eLearning content can be viewed at anytime and from anywhere, just as many jobs can be conducted nowadays. Digital training cuts costs for the organization of refresher courses, conventions and such, making training content easily available online.

A team of eLearning experts will take care of designing the courses and guide your company throughout the production and management of training activities.

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How do I pick a didactic methodology?

Choosing a suitable format such as video clip, courseware, roleplay etc. is an essential step in the development of an effective eLearning strategy. Knowing how to mix various didactic methodologies is a game changer for a training program that is effective and engaging.

Learning Solution is there for you! A team of eLearning specialists is ready to design and produce courses in every format, implementing different tools and formats to fit your every need. Thanks to our digital platforms, the right formats meet the right methodologies to better suit each learning context.

Interactivity is a main feature of eLearning, as it has a huge impact on the focus and engagement of learners. By using a variety of formats, alternating for instance slides, videos and quizzes, one can avoid the usual dullness of certain learning processes and boost the acquisition of skills and knowledge.

Why should I choose Learning Solution?

As professionals of the digital learning field, the Learning Solution team is always by the side of our clients, providing platforms and solution that are effective, flexible and adaptable to an ever-evolving environment.

Our eLearning programs are based on the winning combination of three solid elements: digital platforms, a wide course catalog and consulting services.

Together with our international partners, we ensure excellence level eLearning by offering tailor made solutions for all kind of companies and institutions and providing ongoing support throughout each delicate phase of digital transformation.

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Who are Learning Solution's international partners?

Open LMS, Blackboard, Intelliboard. We are glad to be working with top level international partners. We are always looking for new collaborations and new inputs to evolve and improve our services for digital learning.

Open LMS ensures flexibility by bringing you the world’s greatest Moodle-based SaaS platform, with Open LMS there’s no need for expensive hardware and resources to grant high quality service for learning activities.

We are proud to be Italy’s distributors of the new Blackboard Collaborate. Its elegant, intuitive interface puts everything at your fingertips for a truly brilliant experience. A digital solution designed by teachers for teachers to deliver online lessons, not just to hold meetings.

Report, analytics and a focus on learners’ activities. Intelliboard is the tool to analyze extensive data collected from you LMS, displayed on intuitive graphic interfaces to help you take the best decisions for your company or institution.